Why Join Snow TV?

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Crew members, Jacob Mortensen and Grant Kennington broadcast-
ing the Snow College basketball games. Photo by Taylor Davies

Gain hands-on experience with video production, taking, editing, directing, commentating, and so much more with Snow TV!

Snow TV is a student run group that helps broadcast and record athletic games and events. Snow TV also makes commercials for Snow College, stream/film the convocations class as well as other projects. Snow TV gives students the opportunity to gain real experience in the TV production field while still attending school and receiving course credit. Assistant Director Brooke Bancroft, who is also a student, said, “Snow TV is an amazing opportunity that you won’t get anywhere else!” Bancroft joined Snow TV last semester and has had the opportunity to work on a variety of fun projects. “Snow TV is a really good environment to learn about the film/TV production field.” Bancroft said. “The work you do with Snow TV also looks good on resumes.”

If you are interested in gaining experience in camera work, editing, directing, commentating then working for Snow TV can provide those skills for you. 

The upcoming spring semester will be full of projects and sporting games that may need your help! You can be as involved as you want. “You really get out what you put in.” said Grant Kennington, a student member of Snow TV. “Being a part of Snow TV opens a lot of doors for future jobs and careers which is really nice.” 

To join Snow TV contact Professor Gary Chidester (gary.chidester@snow.edu) or stop by his office in Humanities Building room 107C. 

Snow TV is a fun opportunity that brings big time experience to Snow College Students  Come be a part of something great now with Snow TV. Join today!

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