Why Walk at Graduation?

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Graduating is an important step that many students at Snow College will soon be taking. It is encouraged that students that are graduating from Snow College participate in the graduation Ceremony. The administration encourages all students that have the opportunity to graduate from Snow to participate in the celebration.

There are many reasons to walk. One reason is every student gets a free breakfast the morning of the graduation ceremony. It also gives each student the opportunity to feel the sense of accomplishment. Families of the students are also able to celebrate their student.

Even though graduation is important and participation in the ceremony in highly encouraged each student has to complete the registration process. The first step is registering to graduate. Second turn in the form and pay the fee. The original fee is $25 dollars but the late fee is another $25 dollars so a total of $50 if registration is done late. The dates and registration form can be found on snow.edu/offices/registrar/graduation_deadlines.html.

After registering to graduate and paying the fee if the student wishes to participate in the graduation ceremony they have a few additional steps. They need to register to walk by going to snow.edu/general/graduation/walk_registration.html and filling out the application. When the registration process is complete it is time for the student to get a cap and gown. The information to get a cap and gown along with all other graduation information can be found by going to snow.edu/offices/registrar/graduation_information.html or contact Margie Anderson in the Greenwood Student Center rm. 223 or calling 435.283.7143, or sending an email to margie.anderson@snow.edu.

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