Students Embark on Winter Camping Trip

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Cold CampingStudents of the Winter Camping class offered through Snow College had the opportunity to go on a three-day winter camping trip to Canal Canyon last weekend.

Want a fun class to take next spring semester? Snow College is offering a great Winter Camping course that is taught by Professor Whitney Ward. This semester, we met every Tuesday for class at 2:30 p.m. We learned about hypothermia, avalanches, proper snow gear, how to build snow caves, and many other subjects.

We met this past Thursday at 12:30 p.m. with our backpacks filled with sleeping bags, sleeping pads, winter clothing, etc. We headed up Canal Canyon by Spring City where we put on our snowshoes and proceeded to head up the trail.

After about 1.5 miles, we got to our place to camp. We stomped circles in the ground with our snowshoes to compact the snow for the base of our snow caves. After the snow was firm and level, we shoveled big scoops of snow onto the circles until it was about four-feet high and formed a dome shape. We took apart our ski poles and inserted them about twelve inches into the dome in various spots so we’d know how much snow we could dig out without collapsing.

While waiting for our snow dome to settle before we could dig it into a cave, we made some dinner using boiled water from the river. Chicken noodle soup never tasted so good. After dinner we cleaned up and dug out our snow cave. It was hard work, but a really fun thing to learn.winter2

On Friday we slept in pretty late, ate some breakfast, and went on a hike with our snowshoes. Professor Ward showed our class how avalanches happen and how to calculate what layers of snow are from what storm. We had a race with our snowshoes, followed by line tag.

It was a great trip; challenging at times, but overall a blast. The mountains were beautiful all covered in snow. I’d recommend this class to anyone wanting an adventure.

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