Woman’s Death Unnoticed For 6 Years

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House of the woman who was found dead in her car six years later. Photo courtesy of abcnews.com

A woman was discovered mummified in the back of her car after being dead for six years. Photo courtesy of abcnews.com

Nearly six years after a Michigan woman’s death, her body was found because her bank account was finally emptied after being drained by auto-payments.

In Pontiac, Michigan, a construction worker found the body of a woman who is believed to have died in her early 40s. After her bank account ran out of money, the woman’s bills stopped being paid. After she had missed a few payments, the bank sent notices but never heard a response, later putting a foreclosure on the home. It wasn’t until the bank sent a worker to repair the home’s roof that her body was discovered.

“I think that it is sad that she wasn’t found earlier. It seems like neighbors or family members would have noticed something different after such a long time,” said Tajia Perkins, a Snow College Student.

Many people are asking how something like this could have happened, because in most cases it seems like a family member or neighbor would have noticed something different. In this case, the woman who died was always out of town for long periods of time for her work, so not being around wasn’t something unusual.

“She really kept to herself. We never really heard anything from her,” said neighbor Caitlyn Talbot, who was interviewed by a CNN affiliate.

Dr. Bernardino Parcis is the assigned medical examiner that conducted the autopsy. He explained how the body’s skin was still intact, but the internal organs had decomposed. Her body had basically mummified.

The cause of death will be released in four to six weeks once all tests and reports are finished.

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