Women’s History Month

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March is viewed as Women’s History Month, which is due to there being many victories for women happening in March. 

Women’s History Month is an important time for everyone to look back into females in history who have changed the world. In the past, women had been put down for what they could do. They were seen as property of their husbands, and not allowed to leave their house. This changed with the Suffragette movement which started back in 1848 but didn’t end until 1920 when women were finally given the right to vote. 

Women have done a lot in this country, not only for themselves but for everyone else. Females still have to go through a lot these days, and feminine traits are still seen as negative among people. This month should be focused on changing the way people think about women and feminine traits and putting them in a much brighter spotlight. 

Females have had a lot of spotlight over the course of history; some notable ones are Rosa Parks, Princess Diana, Marlyn Monroe, and even some females in the spotlight today such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Females have done a lot of hard work in the past and deserve to be recognised for how much they’ve done.

Mallory Bowen, who is an RA at the school, has this to say about Women’s History Month: “I think it’s important for us to recognise the empowering women in our lives, because they were looked down upon back in the day. Now that women have empowerment, it feels like we can be embraced as a community.”

Bowen works hard at Snow College, and has been here for a while. She’s gone through a lot in her life, and currently works in the Suites. Her favourite female, in her words, is, “My mom, she’s my favourite female because she’s my hero and she’s always helped me throughout my life.” Blue, who is a Cinema Media and Arts Production major in her sophomore year, said, “I think women’s history month is important, as women have historically been sidelined in celebrations and in culture, especially Western culture.

I appreciate most feminist movements for stressing the importance of intersectionality in Women’s History Month and in the movement in general, as I believe it’s working its way further into public consciousness more and more with each year.” she also told who her favourite female is,  saying, “My favorite woman has been Malala Yousafzai since I first heard of her; she inspired me in my early activism as a younger woman who was unafraid to speak her mind in spite of the danger it put her in.”

Women’s History Month is a great time to celebrate outstanding women both in our own lives and in history. We all know a female that is important, whether it’s a mother, a sister, a grandmother, a wife, or even just a friend. Women have been working hard throughout their life and despite things in the past that could’ve put them down, they’ve stayed up.

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