Yoga Club Gives Back to the Community

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Everyone comes together at the end of the yoga fest, having had a good time with all the activities of the night. Photo by April Carver

Snow College Yoga Club put on their fourth semiannual Yoga Fest on Wednesday, November 29th from 4-7 pm in Founders Hall.  

Jill Hansen and the yoga club presidency put on this year’s festival, but not without help from others.  

The purpose of this year’s festival was to benefit the needy folk in Sanpete County. Donations were made at the door for entry. Items that were accepted include: canned or packaged food items, school supplies, gently used winter clothing and footwear, blankets, pillows, other bedding items, and toiletries (including unused toothpaste and brushes).  

“Yoga Fest is always a lot of fun and it keeps growing every year. It is very important for us to also use it as an opportunity to give back to the community, and this year we raised a whole barrel of winter provisions for the people in need in Sanpete County,” said Sergio Arellano, yoga club president.  

Ellie Giauque doing a henna tattoo on Shanalyn Larson while holding Sarah Heywoods daughter to give her a break. Photo by April Carver

The Yoga Fest included activities throughout the three hours such as ongoing yoga sessions, massage therapy, healthy snacks, meditation, bracelet making, henna tattoos, and palm readings. Palm readings were done by Pandit Kanak Das and was the most popular attraction of the night. Henna tattoos were given by Ellie Giauque, who is an art major and gave students the option to have whatever they would like tattooed. “Yoga Fest was a perfect combination of getting to share my artistic talent and meeting new, interesting people,” said Ellie Giauque. 

Sarah Heywood leads the last yoga session at the yoga fest. She focused on stretching the shoulders and doing a warm down for the night. Photo by April Carver

The yoga sessions were led by Sarah Heywood, Kathleen Cherry, and Sergio Arellano.  During the yoga sessions, piano accompaniment was provided by Heather Bosshardt. Sandy Greenhalgh gave massages throughout the night.  

“It was the best attended one, yet! And, Yoga Club is very grateful to both the presenters and the attendees, with special gratitude to the Yoga Club officers!” said Jill Hansen.  

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April Carver

April Carver

April Carver was born and raised in West Valley City, Utah. She graduated from Hunter High School early. She is a photographer, writer, and web designer for the Snowdrift, Snow College’s newspaper. April started photography at a young age and found it to be one of her biggest passions, continuing today with her most recent project being “Adventures of a Snail”. She loves to volunteer and give back to the community. She is a ham radio operator which she uses her skills to help out with several community events and disaster preparedness. After graduating from Snow College, April plans to continue her education at Utah State University.
April Carver

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