The White Elephant Game

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The White Elephant Game, a.k.a. the ultimate Christmas gag game, which families play during this winter season is a game where people bring gifts to a party that are useless, odd, ridiculous, and funny to join in a game of exchanging these crazy gifts.

Players draw numbers to determine the order they will go in, then they choose a gift from the pile. After the first gift is open, players can trade with an already open gift or take their chances with the unopened gifts. It doesn’t sound that exciting and for some it might not be, but for most, it is an exhilarating, fun family game.

The real joy of the game is watching others open strange gifts and prepare themselves for what awaits them in an unopened white elephant gift. The game is really as fun or funny as the gifts the participants bring.

The options for gifts are limitless. There really is nothing more magical than opening up gift and finding a pair of grandmother’s clothes. Sometimes players change it up by creating a crazy gift like bacon toothpaste, which is not the most desirable, then putting money with it. All of a sudden ridiculous is desirable. It is always fun to disguise things so people get tricked.

Sarah Julander told of an experience with her brother.  He opened a white elephant gift, which looked to be a pair of binoculars, but to his dismay, it was a bra. The internet is full of great, wild, and strange ideas for gifts.  Just go ahead and find out.

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