Getting to Know the Polynesians

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Photo Courtesy of Snow College Polynesian Club

Photo Courtesy of Snow College Polynesian Club

Donte Togisala is a student here at Snow College and the President of the Polynesian Club. Togisala says that being the President “is a lot of work, but in the end, it’s worth being able to work with everyone.” She enjoys running the club because she likes getting to know everyone and that it’s “a great way to bring everyone together, and help all of us reflect on our culture and who we are as Polynesians.

Their culture practices many different forms of dance which reflect their traditions. If one has never studied Polynesian dance, watching just one live performance could leave anyone wondering how they would feel up on stage, dancing the Hula or the Tahitian Ori. Polynesian dances consists of Tahitian, Tongan, Samoan, Fijan, Maori and Hawaiian styles. Each dance is unique because it is conveys the literal meaning of a tale.

Speaking of traditional dances, the Polynesians have been preparing for their Luau, which will be coming up on April 9, and is going to be available to all students attending Snow College. Admission for the event will be $15, including dinner and the dance, or $5 admission for just the dance. Togisala mentioned that the Polynesian Club “helps them to get connected to their roots and show where they come from.”

While she says,”it is a good way for the Polynesians to come together,” there is currently debate as to whether the club should be opened to anyone. “Right now the club is not open for various reasons,” says Togisala, but they hope one day in the future it will be open to anyone who would like to come and discover what their club has to offer. Overall, Togisala feels “blessed to be the President this year, and couldn’t have imagined it any other way.”

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