5 Best Kept Secrets of College Dating

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Every couple, new or old, has that knowing look.  Photo by Brynlee Nelson

Every couple, new or old, has that knowing look. Photo by Brynlee Nelson

Freshman girls get caught in flings whether they want to or not. A “fling”, as fancy as it sounds, is nothing more than a hookup. A relationship with low intentions on a time span and no strings attached. Even though Snow College is compared to the “thirteenth grade” from time to time, this is not high school. Here are five steps for ladies to survive this new way of dating.

1. Say YES!  Go out and meet people. Go to activities! Student Life hosts a lot of diverse events throughout the semester, take advantage of going to them. If that is not a comfortable crowd, find out what clubs, dorms, neighbors and classmates are doing over the weekend. Get a feel for all the different kind of guys: small town or city boys, athletes, musicians, business students, pre-med, artists, or even a bookworm.

2. It’s OKAY to stay inGoing to class all day and socializing all night is more than exhausting. Parents everywhere will be grateful their daughters stayed in a few nights to actually do what they there for, schoolwork. Plus if guys see the same girl out every night, when will they get the chance to miss her? The mystery for the men and the down time for the grades will work wonders.

3. “Just Friends” IS a thing, Love at first sight is NOT.  Of course every girl dreams to be swept off her feet by a tall, dark and handsome man whose smile brightens the room as he presents flowers at the door step. It is not wrong to dream that, but don’t expect it. Even if Prince Charming shows up, sometimes the connection is just not there. That does not mean it is time to cut all the ties. Dating is a great way to find really good guy friends. Don’t be in such a hurry to find someone to be steady and exclusive with. As many “McDreamies” that are spotted on campus, most of them aren’t the right one. It’s about finding the right one that’s interested in having the same type of relationship, and that takes time.

4. A hook-up? Or…Nah.  Having a connection is not telepathy. Communication is the only way to keep from serious and damaging heartbreak. When he uses “beautiful” and “I want to see you” it does NOT translate to “I want you to be my girlfriend and be with you every day.” It literally means he wants beautiful company. It’s okay to “hook-up” if that is the mutual decision and there are not further intentions. If something more surfaces, SAY IT. It is a lot less painful to hear the truth than to wait hopelessly for him to never feel the same way.

5. DON’T get left places alone or go home with a guy/girl you don’t know.  A nightlong make-out or exchanging of numbers does not count as “knowing someone”. Always, especially being new to the area, go out with girlfriends. If broken up from the group, intentionally or unintentionally, send a quick text to keep them updated. It’s risky to leave with a guy, or anyone, newly met. As much as we want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, it’s better to be safe with girlfriends than sorry with a stranger.

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