5 Romance Novels to Read

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Looking for a date this Valentines? Well Look no further! Here’s a list of the Top 5 Romance Novels to get your heart pumping.

# 1 The Selection by Kiera Cass 

The Selection is the competition of a lifetime, money, fame, and a hot prince! Who wouldn’t want this opportunity? America Singer is a stubborn girl with plans of her own, when she  is dragged into the competition to win the heart of Illea’s  prince, Maxon. 

Fan of Pride and Prejudice? Check out the next book on this list!  

# 2 Edenbrooke by Juliane Donaldson  

Marriane Daventry visits her sister Cecily at an estate called Edenbrooke.  She planned on relaxing over the summer, but the minute she arrives she is swooped into a whirlwind of adventure with the mysterious Philip Wyndham.

Next on the  list, a romance in the realm of superheroes! 

# 3 Renegades by Marrissa Meyers 

What if a superhero fell in love with a supervillain and didn’t realize it? Renegades is a superhero agency that fights against Supervillains. Adrain Everheart  is a Renegade. Nova Artino also known as Nightmare is a supervillain. Nova infiltrates Renegade headquarters in order to destroy it once and for all.  But ends up falling hopelessly in love with Adrain Everheart. Will she betray everything she has ever worked for or betray her best friend? 

Next up a romance that is out of this world! Check it out! 

# 4 The Host by Stephanie Meyers 

This book is from the perspective of an alien.  She is called Wanderer, the body she inhabits is supposed to be empty, but it’s not. Melanie Stryder refuses to leave, causing the wanderer a lot of problems. Wanderer has been asked to help locate the rebel group Melanie was a part of.  The only hitch is Melanie was in love with Jared, a fellow rebel and searching through her memories Wanderer is now in love with him too.  

Last but not least a romance with mythical creatures!

# 5 The Siren by Kiera Cass 

Kahlen is a Siren. She was doomed to die on a ship at sea when she called out to the ocean. The ocean gave her mercy and in return Kahlen must bring the ocean souls for 100 years.  She serves the ocean with her 3 siren sisters, Maika, Elizabeth, and Aisling. Then when she meets Akinli, a human boy that unwittingly ruins everything.

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