Accident in Chemistry Lab Ignites Excitement

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Hazmat teams examine students Photo courtesy of Kyler Daybell

Hazmat teams examine students.
Photo courtesy of Kyler Daybell

Snow campus erupted in excitement on September 2 when the Science Building was evacuated. As firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances appeared on the scene, not only was curiosity itching the passersby, but concern grew for the safety of students involved.

In the chemistry lab, room 323, of the Hans Reed Science Building, a student was conducting an experiment when a small fire started. Ronnie Sanders was in a small room measuring things for her experiment when this occurred. “The room started to get this weird smell, and when we looked in the main room, it was starting to fill with smoke,” says Sanders. “Something in the hood was on fire, and everyone was shouting, so we evacuated the building as fast as we could.”

Ethan Warnock was in another class in the Science Building when the fire started. “We saw the lights before we heard the sound, and everyone looks at it like ‘Oh crap’ because you know the obnoxious sound is coming,” says Warnock. “Then Dr. G shows up in the doorway like ‘Everybody out of the building!’”

Hazmat (Hazardous Material) teams arrived at the scene and took all precautionary measures. All students that were in the chemistry lab at the time of the incident were evaluated, and all of the vital signs came back as normal. “We are grateful to report that no one was injured during this incident,” says President Carlston. “Faculty and staff worked diligently to contact each student. This, once again, demonstrates the care our employees have; there is truly a unique spirit here at Snow College. We also express our sincere appreciation to the emergency management service responders who demonstrated concern and professionalism in their work.”

Marci Larsen, Assistant to the President, was on the scene to gather information from professors and the Hazmat team, and emails and text messages were sent to students as more information came available.

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