Actor Spotlight: Madelyn Carter

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Photo by Lauren Anderle.

Photo by Lauren Anderle.

There’s a new face on the Snow College stage, and her name is Madelyn Carter.

Madelyn is from Castledale, Utah, and is a freshman at Snow College this year. She is making her college debut in the play, “Maid to Order,” where she is portraying Veevy McCoy. She describes her character as, “The typical dumb blonde, sorority pledge type.”

Madelyn’s favorite part about being in such a fun play has been getting to know her fellow cast members. David Varney, who plays Julian Narramore in the show, says, “Madelyn is great to work with. She fully commits to her character, making her relatable and believable. She has a real talent for making people laugh!”

This isn’t Madelyn’s first performance, it’s something she’s been doing her entire life. In fact, she can’t even count how many productions she has been in! “I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. Being on stage is an indescribable experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus I’ve always been a drama queen, so it just fits!”

Madelyn and the rest of the cast have been worked hard on this production, and loved that everyone came to see the show.

Mikaella Dineley is a freshman at Snow College, but as a graduate of Manti High School, she is no stranger to the small town lifestyle. That doesn’t keep her from dreaming big! Mikaella has a flair for the dramatic arts, and fully intends to put her name in shining lights.

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