American Cancer Society Arrives at Snow

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The American Cancer Society has finally arrived at Snow College, giving Snow College students the opportunity to serve a noble cause by engaging in one or more of the many opportunities offered to them to help spread knowledge and support for cancer prevention and cure.

The first American Cancer Society meeting has been held in the Greenwood Student Center in the Bluebell room at 2 p.m., and the other meetings will be held each third Wednesday of every month.

In order to facilitate Snow College students, the meetings will always be held at Snow College, even if they are open to every person interested in engaging in the American Cancer Society.

The first meeting was an occasion for all the students to better know each other and to do the personality test, which was important in order to highlight their personalities and thus better help the community.

Furthermore, students had to choose their role in the committee among many roles offered to them. They had to make their three preferences among the “Online Chair”, “Sponsorship Chair”, “Team Ambassador”, “Accounting Chair”, “Entertainment Chair”, “Event Chair”, “Logistic Chair”, and “Luminaries Chair”. Each of the roles played in the committee is rewarding for both students and the community, and thus allows students a better understanding of themselves and the society.30

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