Annual Noyes Building Pumpkin Day

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This Friday will mark the fifth anniversary of the infamous discovery of a large pumpkin on the roof of the Noyes Building. The pumpkin was first noticed on the morning of Apr. 1, 2017 by students and word of its appearance was quick to spread.

The origin of this pumpkin and how it managed the journey up onto the protruding edge of the Noyes Building’s roof still remains a mystery. Badger alumni Oscar Habeck stated for the Snowdrift paper at the time, “I noticed it before I heard about it. I’m still baffled about how it got up there, because you know, it’s just that little triangle part of the roof above the entrance. There’s no doors or windows or otherwise easy, accessible way to get up there, right? It’s crazy to think someone, somehow, got a thing that big and heavy up there.”

The campus security/Ephraim police investigation at the time concluded that the pumpkin was likely brought up there as an April Fools prank by a student. However, legitimate credit for the prank or an explanation of how the pumpkin arrived at its new home has yet to surface, and it’s likely that it will remain that way.

Professor Samuel Wood remarked about his experience, stating “I was personally amused. I remember it was all anyone was talking about that day, just because the question of how in the world the pumpkin ended up there was messing with everyone’s minds. I’m just happy to see Badgers being creative and finding ways to enjoy their time here, I think that’s what’s most important.” The pumpkin was promptly taken down from the roof the following day.

Snow College released a statement to always put safety at the highest priority, and asked that everyone please refrain from putting pumpkins or other large objects in inaccessible or otherwise dangerous areas. However Badgers go about pranking one another in the next couple of days, remember to do so responsibly and considerately.

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