Apple Launches New iPhone 6

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After nearly a year of rumors and speculation, yesterday Apple presented its product launch for the new
iPhone 6. The event is being considered as the company’s most important product launch since the
original iPhone in 2007.
Early Tuesday morning, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, spoke about the new device at the Flint Center for the
Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. Apple broadcast a live viewing of the
iPhone as Cook made his announcement. People lined up outside Apple stores to get their hands on the
new gadget.
The iPhone 6 will have many new features, including but not limited to a larger screen, thinner body,
longer talk time and a retina HD display. Apple will be selling two different versions of different sizes,
the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.
The real question, however, will be if the iPhone will live up to all the hype and excitement surrounding
it. While there is very little doubt that the iPhone 6 will sell, many new Android phones now have the
same functions as the iPhone, but at much better costs. In addition, many of the new features that the
iPhone 6 boasts, such as larger screens, have been present in some Android phones for several years
Still, Apple holds its place as an innovative giant in the technology industry, continuously coming out
with new products that techies are always anticipating. The next big things rumored for Apple are its
first in “wearable tech,” a watch device either called the iWatch or iTime, and a new range of iPads.

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