Art Program Takes Students to New York

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Students from Snow College’s arts program are travelling to New York to experience and explore other art and culture over Spring Break. 

Snow College offers many incredible programs that allow students to excel in whichever field they go into. One such program that has given rise to such amazing individuals is the arts program. 

Students involved in art courses are able to learn from professionals, and gain a vast array of skills in all areas of artistic study to aid them wherever their careers as artists may take them. 

One of the unique opportunities that students involved in the arts program have is to travel with their peers to see artwork from around the world. Every year, the program sponsors a travel seminar for students to be able to “engage…with the diversity of the greater art community that exists outside of Central Utah,” according to the Snow College website. 

This year, this excursion took the students to New York City, where they were able not only to see the tourist sites such as Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and Broadway, but also able to visit incredible museums such as the Met, the MoMA, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for these students to see the knowledge that they’ve learned in their classes applied to the real world, and see what difference they can make with their art. Bailie Peacock, an art student at Snow College, said “I’m so excited to see everything. It’s amazing to think that I’ll finally get to see the art that I’ve heard so much about.” 

The students spent six days in the big apple, and had many adventures. What an amazing opportunity for a college student in rural Utah to have. 

Emma Parnell grew up across the United States, and now resides in North Carolina when she is not at Snow College. She is currently working towards her Associates of Science, and is a member of the Honors Program at Snow College. Emma loves writing, reading, and baking, and in her off time is an avid Netflix enthusiast and tea drinker.

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