Avalanche Awareness

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Photo courtesy of nsidc.org

Photo courtesy of nsidc.org

On Sunday, February 16, an avalanche warning was issued across the mountain ranges of northern and central Utah.

While the snow in the mountains isn’t as heavy as usual this time of year, the threat of snowfall still poses a danger for avalanches. The Utah Avalanche Center issued the warning due to heavy precipitation in the forecast for this week.

In a recent news release, the center said, “Heavy snow and strong winds will increase the avalanche danger to HIGH late this afternoon or tonight. Large natural and human triggered avalanches are likely during the overnight hours Wednesday and on Thursday.”

The natural or human made snow slides are especially deadly on slopes steeper than 30 degrees and avalanche run- off areas. The warning does not apply to the ski areas that are under avalanche control.

Backcountry skiers are advised to stay safe and avoid the danger zones.  Failure to do so may result in a fine or ticket.

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