Badger Cheer Goes to Nationals

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2 days ago
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A seven hour practice to get ready for nationals. This stunt lead to zero injuries. Photo courtesy of Autumn Jensen

With the National Cheerleading competition coming up on February 24th-25th in Anaheim, California, the Snow College Cheer Team cracks down on the competition routine that they have been preparing since November. 
The Cheer team for 2017-2018 will be the first from Snow College to attend Nationals. They are hoping to bring back a title but are also grateful to have the experience. 
The team has put in a vast amount of hard work, time, dedication and sacrifice to make Nationals an unforgettable experience. 
The team has been through a lot this year and it’s not easy with injuries. There have been 9 concussions, broken ankles, torn ACL’s and other knee injuries, but the team continues to work until they make it to Nationals. Weston Sleight, a Snow College cheerleader, said, “We have worked our butts off this year, with long summer practices and camp, plus the week and a half before school started and seasonal practices. The whole team has been affected by injuries, every week we have to switch multiple things around but we got to do what we got with the people we have. We overcome the obstacles really well. 
Maddison Jones, another Snow College cheerleader, said, “When I got my injury I felt defeated because I had just gotten so many skills that I wanted to use for Nationals. I felt like the team needed me because of my strengths and my spot on the team. But accidents happen and I’m looking forward to getting back and better than before. 
With her positive attitude, Jones will attend Nationals to cheer them on. She believes that they have a good chance of taking a win. Students are encouraged to wish the team luck as they start their journey to Nationals. 

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