Badger Computer Options

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Having a computer for college seems like a necessity. It’s crazy to think that when parents were in college, they didn’t have their own personal computers. If schools did have computers, they would either be in a lab or at the library. 

The writer of this article conducted a survey on the Snow College app. He asked people to comment on his post what kind of computer they have, and whether they like/dislike it, and if it is new or old. 

Austin ended up receiving 26 responses total from his post. They were not the responses that he expected. 

After listing the responses into a list by computer brand, Austin concluded that HP and Apple seem to be the most common type of computer used by Snow College students. However, finding the exact number for each computer brand would be rather difficult. Asking every single student at Snow what kind of computer they have would be hard to do. 

Austin was expecting Dell, Chromebook, and Apple to be the most common.

Based on the responses he received, it seems that everyone likes their computer for the most part. For some, their computer can have some issues. Freshman Gesullo said, “not a bad laptop overall, it just gets hot”. 

For the most part, people’s laptops are rather new. For others, they’ve had their laptop for years. Abigail Bellville, a student, said her laptop is 8 years old, but according to her, it does everything it’s supposed to do and hasn’t failed her yet. 

Computers can vary for all students based on things like their major. 

Bill Thomas, a writer for said “Engineering students will need powerful CPU and GPU to handle their projects, as will anyone doing 3-D design.” He also later stated in his article that students that type a lot won’t need a powerful computer. 

It’s truly amazing that college students have access to these amazing pieces of technology that can be easily carried in their backpacks. As the decades go on, technology is projected to only get better. 

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