Badger Softball’s Season Concludes

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2020 Badger’s catcher Aubree Ison. Photo Courtesy of Snow College Badger’s website.

Snow College Softball team’s fall season is quickly coming to an end. Throughout the past couple of months, the softball team has traveled to various Division 1 schools to play. They ended their season by playing a doubleheader at SUU. 

Since the fall season has now ended, the Lady Badgers will take the winter time to prepare for their spring season. When asked about the importance of the winter season, Sophomore outfielder Sage Bowers said, “It is super important because it is a time for us to really work on our fundamentals and enhance our softball skills.” 

The softball team utilizes the Blue Gym located in the Activity Center during these months when the weather is too bad for them to go outside. The team works on various drills inside along with hitting the weight room extra hard and conditioning.

Sophomore first baseman, Stormie Gee says, “The main focus of winter workouts is basically just doing everything we can to get stronger.” 

Along with the physical aspect of the game, the softball team takes advantage of their time inside by strengthening their relationship off the field. They do this by having many team nights spent together and planning activities. 

The Lady Badgers continue to work hard during the off season and are excited to get back out on the dirt come spring. 

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