Badger Sports Heat Up

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Snow College soccer continues to roll into its season with both badger teams standing at incredible national standings.

Pre-season has been nothing but progressive for the women’s team as they climbed their way to being ranked sixth in the nation, scoring 21 points and only giving up one. They have a lot to work on if they wish to find themselves in a regional championship this season, but coach Nuno Gourgel, along with the rest of badger nation stands behind them in confidence.

The Men’s team continues to push every game, outscoring opponents 14 goals to 6 in their last five games. While the team has lost two games recently, they were only by a margin of one point.

Volleyball is finally back in Ephraim from their long month of travel. The No.6 ranked team in the nation now celebrates a 20-2 winning season. As conference is now on the minds of the badgers, they head into it among the best serving teams in the country.

Snow’s Rowdy Crowd better get ready for the Badgers upcoming games as they may be some of the best of the year, showing that Snow has something big to prove!

Starting Sophomore Goalie, Jason Meyers, makes a diving save after a breakaway and shot on goal. Photo by Jacob Clawson

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