Badgers in Business

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Professor Kristi Stevens supporting her student Kaleb Bailey by purchasing Fresh Air hoodies and stickers. Photo by Jayleen Sandoval.

Starting and owning a business can be an exciting opportunity for many aspiring individuals, providing exceptional chances to practice management skills, earn additional income, and pursue interests in a new way. For college students however, running a business while in school can be demanding.

Paige Light and Kaleb Bailey are Snow College students and business owners. Light is the owner of Paige’s Nail Kitchen and Bailey is the owner of Fresh Air Apparel. 

Paige Light said, “I’ve always had the entrepreneurship mentality. I did lemonade stands, had a lawn mowing business, and braided hair in high school for dances.” For college she decided to pick something she was passionate about and also flexible with her school schedule. She launched in June of 2021 and has loved building friendships with all of her clients. 

Kaleb Bailey created his business “Fresh Air Apparel” after seeing the alarming rates of people who struggle with anxiety and depression. He decided to help by creating a community where people can improve their mental health by inspiring them to go outside and get some fresh air. He does this by selling hats, hoodies, shirts, and stickers with encouraging designs.

He has waited for this dream to become a reality for the past three years and finally launched it in April of 2021.Since then, he has not only loved building Fresh Air Apparel but making it a lifestyle.

Many Badger entrepreneurs face the dilemma of prioritizing their business or school over the other. Paige has everything planned from gym time, homework, clients, and hanging out with friends. She must stay ahead or risk chaos for her clients and classes. In Kaleb’s case, he wonders if he should go on a three-day trip to Colorado to live the Fresh Air lifestyle or attend class to keep his grades up. Decisions like these are often why students trying to oversee a successful business face criticism. A higher education and a successful company both on their own are already burdensome time commitments, and balancing the both of them can be strenuous. Many students love Snow College and the learning experiences it provides on improving their businesses too, which only adds to the trouble.

A piece of advice Kaleb has for Badgers, “now is the time to start your business because if you fail now, you don’t lose a lot.” Another piece of advice from Paige is, “find something that is unique, that you are passionate about and full send.” She also urges students to support small businesses. You can find both of these businesses on Instagram: and @freshairmindset.

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