Badgers Jumping Back Into School

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Snow College students at the foam dance.  Photo by Kasie Bussard.

Snow College students at the foam dance. Photo by Kasie Bussard.

Snow College Badgers have become acquainted with their new school environment over the last
few weeks. They have come from a variety of places, some coming only miles from home, while
others travel internationally, all to come to school.
Snow College staff, student leadership, and many returning Badgers have tried to make the
transition into college life easy and enjoyable. In order to do this, there are a series of activities
set up to welcome everyone to Snow College.
Badger Move-In Day
The campus at Snow College came to life on August 16. Roommates met, friendships made, and
many students said goodbye to friends and families. Across campus men and women wearing
bright orange shirts ran around helping people move in, carry boxes, and do everything they
could to help students. The cafeteria served a free lunch to students and their families. To finish
off the day, there was a street dance that night to get everyone involved.
Movie Night
The first campus-wide activity was held on August 18. Badgers were invited to bring anything
they needed to get comfortable on the practice field where the movie Transcendence would be
projected. However, due to rain, the movie was moved into the Eccles Performing Arts Center.
Any Badger that showed up received free churros and popcorn.
Aloha Bash The practice field was transformed into a Hawaiian Luau the next night. Again, the event was
rained out. In the Greenwood Student Center, a Tiki stand was serving a variety of tropical
drinks, a hot dog stand was serving dinner, and the airbrush tattoo line was out the door. In
addition to the food and body art, there was a water slide and a giant blow-up toy.
Comedy Sports
On Wednesday night, there was an activity that the rain couldn’t stop. Comedy Sports came to
Horne Activity Center and put on quite the show. This small group of men entertained the crowd
by doing improv acts and competing against each other for who was the funniest. “You could tell
it wasn’t rehearsed. There is no way they could have known that couples’ love story,” Meghan
Roden explained, speaking about one of the acts where they reenacted a random couples love
sotry. Everyone enjoyed the show.

Foam Dance
The last event of the week was held on Friday night. At the tennis court a couple blocks away
from the school campus. Foam machines spewed out bubbles until the foam covered everything.
With lights flashing and music blaring, the dance party was alive until eleven. Conveniently,
right as it was ending it began to pour, just in time to wash away all the bubbles.
If the rest of the school year continues to be as eventful as the first week, Badgers are in for an
exciting time!

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