Badgers Volleyball Team Keeps Fighting

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Applauding volleyball teammates as they get closer to winning. Photo Courtesy of Snow College Volleyball Instagram.

The Snow College Volleyball team is currently ranked tenth in the nation. Their record is 23 wins and five losses. The Badgers have won an astounding seven out of ten conference games. This puts Snow as third in Region 18, trailing behind Salt Lake Community College and Utah State Eastern. 

Snow won a second time against Southern Nevada, 3-0, which brought them back after their second loss to rivals USUE. The Badgers then beat SLCC, 3-1, who they’d lost to the first time around. In their last conference game this season they finished off on a high with a win over the College of Southern Idaho, 3-0, redeeming themselves from a loss against them three weeks previous. 

When asked about how his team has done this season, head volleyball coach Mike Daniel said, “every team encounters hard times. No team is immune. Rare is the perfect season. We had a fantastic pre-season and hit a few matches that exposed some weaknesses. Some of our players were injured. One of them to the point where she couldn’t play.” 

Number 20, KJ Strong leads the team in kills with a staggering total of 205 kills. Not far behind Macie Gordon, number 12, has racked up 173. Notably, number nine, Eden Whitmore, has 147 kills. Defensively Sage Loveland, number five, has 249 digs. Macie Gordon, a leader offensively, is great on defense too with 205 digs. 

On November fifth the Badgers will travel to Colorado for the Region 18 tournament. 

When asked how he prepared his team for the tough tournament ahead, Mike Daniel said, “we have tackled the adversity head on. We’ve spent time with mental training, and dedicated practice times with our areas of weakness. We have competed, fought, battled, and been relentless in our practices and feel prepared for the tournament this weekend.” 

After the regional tournament, the Snow Volleyball team will travel to Kansas to play in the National Tournament on the 18th. 

Badgers striking ball down to score points. Photo by Lillian Wade.

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