Ballroom Team Throws Masquerade Dance

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The Snow College ballroom team pose together in costume at the masquerade ball. Photo courtesy of Snow College Dance Department

The Snow College ballroom team pose together in costume at the masquerade ball.
Photo courtesy of Snow College Dance Department

The Ballroom Dance Team threw a fundraising Masquerade Dance on the night of October 9. Gravity Moose, a local band from Salt Lake City, performed live and got the crowd very involved, causing the energy of this dance to skyrocket. Many team members and attendees called this ball a huge success.

Twinkling lights lit up the dance floor of the Greenwood Student Center as couples and singles entered onto the dance floor. From formal clothes to wondrous ball gowns, every attendant looked magnificent. The masks were provided by the ballroom club, but many students brought or made their own. These disguises could not cover up the smiles on everyone’s faces.

The live band contributed a lot to the ecstatic energy of the dance with their pop/funk/soul mix and remakes of songs. Dancers all around were encouraged to clap and sing along as they danced. Devin Mitchell, drummer for Gravity Moose, said during one of the band’s breaks, “It’s been super fun. There’s been a lot more people here than we expected. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. The audience participation is great!”

As the band played on, every concealed face of the ballroom team members shone with excitement and enthusiasm as they watched others twirl around the floor. The team had great intentions and kept the participants swaying to the beat of the music. Knowing that this dance was a fundraiser, with the profits intended to go towards costumes and other activities, made it all worthwhile for the team.

“We have done really well for this dance, much better than expected. The outcome turned out great.” said Jenny Mair, Dance Chair and Ballroom Director. She encourages all of the people who attended this dance, those who are interested in ballroom dance, and all of the student body to participate in the dance lab put on by the ballroom club every first Thursday of the month in the Noyes Building. Mair also wants to get the word out about the dance showcase put on by the Dance Ensemble and the Ballroom team, Rhythm of the Night, coming up on the 5th and 7th of November at The Eccles Building starting at 7:30 pm.

The Masquerade was a timeless event. Every secreted identity at this dance had a magical few hours under the starry lights. Where the masks flashed and the dresses flowed across the floor, the profits went towards the Ballroom team, and a live band grooved with the audience.

Sarah Julander was born on September 10, 1996 in Marysvale, Utah where she has lived her whole life. Her hobbies consist of reading, and playing the guitar. She loves working with people and being well-known. She is currently attending Snow College but is undeclared as to her major. Her motto is “To always help others, be as kind as you can, and believe your goals are worth it.”

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