Battlefield Hardline Is Here

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Dice returns to the gaming spotlight with its newest addition to the explosively chaotic Battlefield franchise: Battlefield Hardline. Rather than clashing armies engaged in explosive conflict around the globe, Hardline’s war is a war on crime.

Battlefield Hardline’s story, takes place in Los Angeles, and is set up as a segmented, episodic police drama where the main character, newly promoted detective Nick Mendoza of the LAPD, collides headlong with a massive drug cartel in a vicious war with the police. Hardline offers players a chance at choosing how they want to play, whether it is taking the stealth approach and silently sneaking through the mission or going in the traditional Battlefield way: guns blazing with a hint of massive demolitions.

With the new story comes new abilities, like being able to throw an object to attract a guard’s attention, allowing the player to sneak past or take out the guard. Players can either knock out guards or kill them if they so desire. Using Mendoza’s phone (the in-game phone, not the one in real life), players can identify and mark targets from afar, similar to the players camera in the Far Cry series. With the Freeze ability, Mendoza pulls out his badge and yells “freeze!” The hostiles in front of you may put up their hands and surrender, allowing you to arrest them. They may surrender, or they may shoot you.

Story has never been the strong suite of Battlefield, rather, the main attraction lies with its massive 64 player multiplayer, and Hardline is no exception.  The multiplayer brings new vehicles, new modes, new maps, and new gear to the table. Use grappling hooks to quickly scale buildings. Fly across the map using zip lines (these are gear that you can use). Defend your squad and deflect incoming fire with riot shields. Ignore harmful gasses with gasmasks. Bludgeon your foe to submission with batons and baseball bats. Take down and enemy with a stun gun and interrogate him for the location of his squad. Shoot an enemy with a tracking dart and hunt him down. Being the war on crime, Hardline won’t have tanks or fighter jets, instead it will have an assortment of light to moderately armored vehicles and helicopters. Use vans, cars, motorcycles, and armored carriers to reach your destination.

Conquest – Infantry and vehicles. Each team has a limited number of tickets. Multiple objectives are scattered about the map. Control more objectives than the enemy to deplete their ticket count. First team to reach zero losses.

Team Deathmatch – Infantry only. The rules are simple: Shoot the enemy more than they shoot you.

Heist – Criminals are trying to steal cash from a vault and get the cash to their base. The police are there to stop them.

Blood Money – A massive amount of money has been intercepted in transit. Each team is trying to capture the money and return it to their base and prevent the enemy from stealing it back.

Hotwire – Know those cop shows where there’s that 20 minute police chase? That’s the basic concept here. A highly explosive, gunfire heavy police chase with fast cars.

Rescue – Police try to save hostages. Be careful, each person only has one life.

Crosshair – The criminals attempt to assassinate a VIP. No second chances in this game. When you’re dead; you’re dead.

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