Becoming A Resident Assistant

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"Snow swag never dies." The RAs of Snow show off their funky style. Photo courtesy of William Kalaher

“Snow swag never dies.” The RAs of Snow show off their funky style. Photo courtesy of William Kalaher

Being a Resident Assistant is an amazing opportunity for growth. Those of us who are Resident Assistants never imagined that we would grow as much as we do. This year, the Snow College Residence Life Resident Assistants have learned so much about working with others, the world and themselves. Being an RA is an all-inclusive growth and leadership opportunity. You learn about who you are as a person, you plan activities, help and counsel other students, and experience the joys of being on an amazing team.

Resident Assistant is the number one student job to have in college according to (Keynote speaker from orientation – still to get name). Being an RA has not only changed my life, but also given me room to grow and understand different students from different backgrounds, which truly gave me that appreciation for diversity and those unique to me. Why would I recommend being an RA to other students?  You get to be a leader on campus housing and for Snow College, that’s a pretty big deal.   You also get to plan fun programs to help build a community, educate students, create fun social activities, and you get to give tours of the different housing options we offer on campus. There are other leadership positions offered by the Residence Life office like Resident Director, who is in charge of the different RAs.

The good news is if you are interested, which I am guessing you are after reading all the fun opportunities and things you get to do as an RA, there is a Resident Assistant interest meeting on January 13 and 14, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. in the Greenwood Student Center and all applications will be due February 6. Apply today and be a part of this amazing team!

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