Behind the Magic of Disney

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groupPhotoDISNEYOver spring break 2014, the business department took seventeen students and twelve adults all the way to Florida to experience all of the behind-the-scenes things that happen at Disney World.  The trip counts as a one-credit course and costs under $800!

This year, the students and guests experienced all sorts of exciting things happening at everything Disney including Disney Animal Kingdom, Disney MGM Studios, Disney Epcot Center, and the Disney Magic Kingdom.

At all of these attractions, the students participated in “Disney Leadership Strategies College Edition” in which they spent three hours learning many beneficial ways to excel business leadership skills to prepare them for the future.

The students also explored secret areas of the Disney parks including the famed underground “Utilidor” tunnels, which allow cast members and staff to travel to different parts of the park without the crowds.

Students visited all of the rooms that store special park favors such as the floats used in the festivals and other exciting things.  Students also learned information and secrets about their favorite attractions in the park.

In 2013, the business department took a cruise and experienced all of the behind the scenes stuff that happened there as well.  The business department will continue these wonderful trips every year.

For more information on upcoming trips and information, visit the business department’s website and look for flyers and posters around campus next fall!

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