Beijing Denies Democracy

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After roughly a month of pro-democracy protests in Honk Kong, government officials decided to meet with protest leaders on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 to discuss the issue.

Despite their tireless efforts, students protesting for democracy have been unable to move forward in achieving the democratic election for 2017 that they were previously promised.

City leader Leung Chun-ying, though backed by leaders in Beijing, acknowledges that the 2017 nominations could be more democratic. In regards to the actions of the protestors, he stated, “Action could take place whenever necessary. It is their duty to maintain the law.”

Though police action against protestors has dropped over the past three weeks, leaders in the Communist Party hold strong to their original ideals. They are against a more democratic Hong Kong.

Student leaders had the opportunity to plead their case to government officials, as protestors listened intently on the radio and television. Undeterred by the speeches of the protestors, government leaders upheld their previous decision, disregarding the questions and demands issued by the students.

Ultimately, leaders in Beijing are hesitant to take any further democratic action regarding citizens in Hong Kong, failing to give protestors the explanation they had hoped for.


Haley Christiansen is the Editor-in-Chief for The Snowdrift. She has two years of experience writing for The Snowdrift and three years’ experience writing for her high school’s newspaper before that. She worked in editing as well as layout and design of the newspaper. Haley is a social science major and plans to go into secondary education.

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