Being Physically Fit Makes You Academically Fit

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Studies show that being more fit improves your GPA. Photo Courtesy of

Studies show that being more fit improves your GPA. Photo Courtesy of

Snow College students, we all know that college can be stressful. With trying to get good grades, studying and keeping a social life there is no question that it’s hard to keep up. It’s hard to find a time to exercise, but studies show that college students who exercise regularly are actually more likely to get better grades than students who don’t.

When talking to students around campus about working out, some felt that studying over working out would help your grades more, but others agreed that working out made a difference in their study skills. Landon Carter, a student here at Snow College who exercises regularly claims “Working out helps me clear my mind for a while, then when I go back to my classes I feel more focused than I was before I worked out.”

Though college students may find it more rewarding to spend their time with their nose in a book rather than being physically active, a study ran by Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan proved that students who exercise regularly have a higher G.P.A. than students who don’t. The study showed a considerable difference in a student’s G.P.A. bringing it up on average by 0.4 when a student exercises regularly. This proves that not only is exercise good for your long time health, it is also good for your grades.

The study also noted that students with high academic standards are also more likely to work out regularly, making the two go hand in hand. Lauren Hone, a sophomore here at Snow agreed working out made a difference claiming, “Going to the gym is so much more than going to the gym. Students who are motivated by fitness and wellness tend to have better time management skills. Having a healthy body also means a healthy mind.”

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