Beloved Painter Passes Away After 27 Years at Snow

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Terry Lund (third from the left) and associates work on Floyd Quinn's casket.  Photo by Frederik Petersen

Terry Lund (third from the left) and associates work on Floyd Quinn’s casket. Photo by Frederik Petersen

Floyd Quinn, 63, has passed away unexpectedly Sunday morning. He had been working at Snow College since 1988 and has been servicing at Snow for a total of 27 years.

“Quinn was always complimenting. We helped each other, and he was always kind. He was the first one to say hi in the morning when you got there, and he always said ‘have a great day’ when you left. He was consistent,” Matt Ranck, Steve Crosland, and Terry Lund said while working on the casket. They add, “We will miss him and can’t believe he is gone. The stadium is going to miss him.”

Michael Duncan, Central Services Manager, has been Quinn’s supervisor for about 10 years. Duncan explains how Quinn was like and starts off telling he was a very quiet guy, but also an easy-going employee. Quinn had a tender side to him, and if he knew he was right about something, he was firm about it. He was very dedicated, and there was not one time he was late for work no matter the weather. He never complained and always got things done. Quinn also knew exactly which and when the walls were painted. The kids that worked with him loved him.

“Floyd was a really nice guy. He was easy to get along with, and he never made you feel uncomfortable. You never had to be afraid to mess up,” Dylan Despain explained. Despain has worked with Quinn since late August.

Quinn has painted every corner of the whole campus at least once. There was one specific area that he did not enjoy painting, and that was the Football Stadium. “I gotta do that again,” Quinn used to say. The stadium was his nemesis, and he spent hours on painting it.

Kathy Nelson has been helping out as the seamstress and says, “It was an honor to be able to help out.”

Leslee Cook, Director of Ephraim Campus Services, has announced that a donation account has been set up to help Quinn’s family pay for the funeral expenses. The donation account is at Gunnison Valley Bank under Floyd Quinn, and everyone can donate. For people interested in sending cards, the mailing address is PO Box 584 in Gunnison, Utah 84634.

The graveside services and interment were held Wednesday, November 4, in the LDS church in Gunnison, and Quinn was buried at the Gunnison Cemetery. Ranck, Crosland, Lund along with Tom Adams, Brad Taggart, Adam Larsen, and members of the Art Department had the great honor of building Quinn’s casket.

Frederik Petersen is from Denmark. He is majoring in Journalism. After Snow, he will go back to Denmark to study German so he can get a Journalism Education. His dream job is either to work at one of the newspapers in Denmark or to work at a TV Station. Frederik speaks 3 languages (English, German, and Danish.)

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