Black Student Union

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Members of the Black Student Union strike a pose outside The Center for Global Engagement. Photo by Shaylyce Duncan

Members of the Black Student Union strike a pose outside The Center for Global Engagement. Photo by Shaylyce Duncan

Many students are looking for a great club to join where one may feel right at home. Well look no further than the Black Student Union (BSU), one of the great clubs that is offered to Snow College students.

A commonly asked question to club members is “Do you have to be black to join?” The answer is “no, you do not have to be black to be a part of BSU.” The club is designed to bring African American students together, as well as those who are interested in the culture and would like to interact with black students on campus.

This club has about 30 active members and is still growing. BSU recently got a new administration, Webbie Ferguson. He has many goals and aspirations for The Black Student Union.

When asked about upcoming events, he said, “We have a fashion show/dance event that we’re working on right now it’s kind of our kick- off event to introduce the club to the school so we’re very excited about that. Also, we have service day to get involved with the community. We had a ‘meet the council’ dinner we got to attend to meet those running for Ephraim City council. We have cookouts. We will be attending a Baptist church in Salt Lake one of these Sundays. We also have been invited to a regional BSU event at the University of Utah in November. We also recently got to meet Bill Cosby. Not all our activities are political. Sometimes we just meet up to do homework. We’re helping each other to succeed.”

Ferguson went on to explain that he would like to see the BSU club more involved in the community as well as on campus. He continued with the desire for the club to be more publicly known, and the hope that it has an appeal to everyone from athletes to Africans.

Five years from now, Ferguson hope to see the club as a presence more on campus. He wants it mentioned on recruiting trips as a club that will help students academically, make friends and a place where everyone feel welcome.

One can hope that this information is enough to convince every Snow College students to join the Black Student Union. This club encourages everyone sign up and get involved. Meetings are every other Tuesday at 6:30 in the Noyes Building Heritage Room, 2nd floor.

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