Book Recommendation with Jayleen

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Jayleen Sandoval approving of Professor Pugmire’s book recommendation. Photo Courtesy of Jayleen Sandoval.

When a professor recom mends a book to their students,  it may be seen as a chore rather  than a genuine suggestion to  read a book that the professor  found to be compelling and  supportive to the class. Professor Pugmire, who  teaches astronomy and physics,  recommended a book called  “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen.  

Once he started to describe  what it was about, it got added  to my reading list immediately. It was so refreshing and  thought provoking that I fin ished the book in two days.  

Connor Talbot, student in  one of Professor Pugmire’s  astronomy class said, “there  were some scenes in the book  that were so heart-wrenching,  I had to take a break. When  the author refers to the book as  ‘future history’ reality hits that  this is a real threat we should  all read and learn about.”  

The author wrote this story  in hope of educating the public  about a threat no one mentions,  EMPs. EMP stands for electromag netic pulse. Professor Pugmire  said, “an EMP is a high ener gy wave that can wipe out ev erything electrical. An EMP  pulse can come from a nuclear  weapon or the sun. It can affect  all circuits on a part of or all of  Earth. What does that mean?  Power lines gone, cars gone,  phones gone, TikTok gone,  Snapchat gone. The EMP fries  everything electrical.” 

Since the author used actual  government reports and inter viewed various U.N. officials  to get the information needed,  he provides a factual

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