The British Are Coming!

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In the summer of July 2015, three Manti High School students will travel to the UK, and return with six to eight British students.

Shaneen Wintch, an advisor at Snow College who works largely with international students, has a son who is participating in this program.

“My son will be traveling to London this summer,” explained Wintch, “and will return with six to eight students. The only expenses will be for travel.  They are being housed for free. When the British students come here, we will house them for free and show them around Utah.”

Though the students have free housing, travel expenses and money for necessities can be difficult to pay. They have come up with a fundraiser to help these students raise money for their international experience.

These students hope to raise money via the “2014 Gingerbread House Making Contest,” where Snow College students can pay a five-dollar entry fee and build a gingerbread house, possibly winning a cash prize.

Entry categories include houses, villages, and business replicas. All entry forms must be turned in by December 4, 2014 and entries must be turned in at the Greenwood Student Center on December 5 to be judged.

Each gingerbread house will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The goal is to raise money in a way that spreads holiday cheer, provides a fun opportunity to students, and allows the community to come together for the cause.

For more information or questions regarding the contest, contact McKinley Wintch at (415)283-6281.


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