Look Up the Guns: Bullet Proof Kids

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Photo courtesy of www.ksl.com

Photo courtesy of www.ksl.com

A new firearm safety campaign in Utah is promoting the use of gun locks to protect children from gun-related injuries.

The Pediatrics Societies Meetings reports that 22 percent of children whose parents own guns have handled a firearm without their parents knowing. “They see it on TV and they don’t comprehend that it’s real and it can kill,” said Miriam Walkingshaw, a member of Utah Parents Against Gun Violence.

About 40 percent of gun owners don’t lock up their firearms according to Walkingshaw. This creates a problem for both adventurous children and suicidal teens. Bullet Proof Kids promotes the use of several gun safety devices including cable locks, trigger locks, lock boxes, and gun vaults or safes. Gun owners have the right to own guns but also have the responsibility to protect their families and others from the misuse of firearms.

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