Business Class Thrives in Florida

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The excitement of Magic Mountain overtake the business class. Photo courtesy of the Snow College Business Club.

The Business Travel Seminar class attended a leadership training seminar in Orlando, Florida. The trip was put on by the business department and anyone was able to attend. 

The leadership training seminar was held at Disney World which allowed the students to experience Disney in a unique way. 

Kenley Steck, Director of Continuing Education said, “My favorite part was being able to see how different leaders operate.”

The students also went on a five hour long tour in Disney World called Keys to the Kingdom. On the tour they were able to get a behind the scenes of how they assembled the floats and the 60,000 employees managed.

Jana Brandt, a student who went on the tour said, “I learned that communication is the most important thing and every person or company must have values to be a good company.”

Student travel is important because it provides a different way of learning. Students are able to explore new things concerning their major or network with leaders in their field.

Marissa McIff, a business major student who went on the trip said, “I appreciate this opportunity that Snow offered us and getting to learn the skills that Disney implements. It got me thinking about how I will implement these skills as a business owner and leader.” 

Badgers are encouraged to keep an eye out whenever student travel opportunities arise because not only is it fun but the things students get to learn in new places is unparalleled.

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