Campus Safety: Disaster Resilience

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Jentri Lyman shows us that she knows where the fire alarm is.  Photo by Olivia Bailey

Jentri Lyman shows us that she knows where the fire alarm is. Photo by Olivia Bailey

“These are some of the things that people need to think about in case of an emergency,” said Bob Wright:

  • Have an emergency plan

Students should make a plan with roommates so that each one knows what to expect in an emergency situation.

  • Get an emergency kit

Students are encouraged to make and maintain a 72 hour emergency kit.  The kits should contain items designed to support individual needs like medicine, personal items, and clothing items, etc.

  • Have emergency food supply

“It is hard for college students to put away food, but it’s important if there ever was an emergency,” said Wright. Students are encouraged to do this as a group with their roommates.  Make sure that items required for regular daily needs are put away in case they are ever needed in an emergency.

  • Prepare to shelter-in-place

As an apartment, decide on a place in the home that is suitable for a “shelter-in-place” emergency.

  • Know your apartment

Students should know how everything in their apartments works.  Students should make it their duty to know all things about their own apartment.  For example, know how to operate electric circuits, natural gas service controls, culinary waster main valves, outside air vents, etc.

  • Take inventory

Remember where things of value are located in apartment so they can be accessed quickly in an emergency situation.

  • Equip your car

Students should make sure that their car is equipped with items needed in various emergencies and every day situation.  Things like blankets, water, flashlights, and extra batteries should be kept in the car.

  • Prepare to go powerless

The power goes out often; students should make sure that they are able to remain secure and comfortable during both short and long term power outages.

  • Figure financial contingencies

This is a hard one for college students living on a budget already, but it is important to have a small amount money set aside for emergencies only.

  • Remember your health

Make a plan that would successfully incorporate the student’s health in a time of emergency or any other special circumstances.


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