Campus Safety

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public safety 2On April 21, 2014, Snow College Administration is partnering up with the Central Utah Public Health Department and Snow College Emergency Management for an anthrax breakout simulation. To prepare, Bob Wright, head of campus police, will be leading a tabletop exercise on March 17.

The mission statement for this activity: Snow College will safely and efficiently set up a Point of Distribution (POD). Snow College has an agreement with the Central Utah Public Health Department as a Closed POD, thus requires the college to be able to distribute medications under an emergency health event. This agreement includes serving students, employees, and their families. Snow College will administratively set up Incident Command, effectively communicate with college communities on the Ephraim Campus. The goal is to use CERT Teams, Student Life students, on-campus housing students, nursing faculty, and others to staff and operate this POD.

Badgers, make sure to stay tuned for more information on the April 21 activity.  Bob Wright would like to get as many students as possible to participate to better prepare everyone in case of an epidemic of any kind.

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