Cantwell to Lead Badger Football

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Stefan Cantwell is Snow College’s quarterback for the 2015 football season. Photo by: Kasie Bussard

Stefan Cantwell is Snow College’s quarterback for the 2015 football season. Photo by: Kasie Bussard

Quarterback Stefan Cantwell uses leadership qualities to captain the football team at Snow College. In his first season as starting quarterback at Snow College, the sophomore from South Jordan High School was voted by teammates to be team captain.

“As quarterback, you need to be a leader on the field and earn the respect of your teammates, and Stefan has done that,” said Coach Connors. When asked why Cantwell was team captain Coach Connors said, “He has a great work ethic, very tough kid, and is well respected by his teammates. When we voted on team captains, Stefan had an overwhelming vote.”

Stefan’s idea of being a good teammate has a lot to do with earning the trust of his peers on the field, “As quarterback, I had to earn the trust of my teammates, so I just try to be a friend more than anything. Nobody is going to trust someone they don’t like so I try to make everyone feel welcome on and off the football field.”

As for individual goals, Cantwell is worried more about the team’s success rather than his own. “I’m not really trying to be anything individually other than getting better after making mistakes and things like that. As long as the team is successful I am satisfied.”

Going into the season, Snow College football has high expectations. “We know we have the talent to do great things and as a team our goal is to win a national championship. It is just a matter of pushing ourselves and competing at practice day in and day out. We have to get better each and every day.”

Their next chance to play at home is homecoming week against Glendale Community College on September 26th. Come out to support Stefan Cantwell and the Badger football team as they look to meet expectations and have a successful season.

Jake Smith is from Parowan, Utah and is now a freshman here at Snow College. He attended Parowan High School, where he played football, basketball, and baseball and graduated in the class of 2015. His current major is economics, and he wants to work for a big cooperation after college. After Snow, he would like to attend the University of Utah and finish his major.

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