Celebrating Veteran’s Day

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Veteran’s Day: A public holiday held by the American people to celebrate the ending of WWI and the ending of all wars. A holiday to show gratitude and sympathy for the ones who risked their lives and never made it home. A holiday to remember what being an American is really about.

Freedom doesn’t come free. I say that as such a broad term, not even thinking about the meaning. But as I sit and write this article, a sense of sorrow and pride comes to my head. I never thought of Veteran’s Day to be much of anything, as I’m sure some of you haven’t either. I would think about the people that I personally knew who served our country, say a prayer and go on with my day. But this year, I am challenging myself to think more about the meaning and history of this holiday.

This Veteran’s Day, I challenge myself, as well as you, to think about the people who have lost their lives defending you and your country and think to yourself, “Would I have done the same for them?” Think of 9-11 and the heroes who lost their lives just because they went to work that day. Think of all of the wars that we have gone through and are still going through and the people who so courageously stand up to protect what they believe in. Think of Gettysburg and all the other things that we have gone through to make America what it is today. Think of the blessings that you are receiving and how different things could be if we didn’t have our troops.

Make this Veteran’s Day count. Say a prayer for those out fighting and take time to remember those who lost the battle. I encourage you not to just think about those personal to you, but also think about the perfect strangers who lost their lives for you and this country. Go to a memorial site and think to yourself about the history and terror we have gone through to get to where we are today. Take time to be glad that you are an American citizen.

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