Functions of the Center for New Media

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Katelin Turley trying out the new video camera in the new media center. Photo by Jentri Lyman

Katelin Turley trying out the new video camera in the new media center. Photo by Jentri Lyman

Snow College’s Center for New Media is currently in its third semester.  The Center for New Media is a great resource for students to get help with digital media projects of all types. The center will soon be offering certification training courses for such software tools as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects.  The center will offer a host of short-term intensive classes designed to be electives as well as part of regular program offerings,

Chase Mitchell, a twenty- year veteran of the digital media world, is an advisor to the committee for the Center for New Media, said one of the goals for the center is to “increase the digital literacy of students in the creation of all types of media by allowing them access to high- end video, audio, 3D animation, and special effects software and hardware. It gives students the opportunity to collaboratively work with other students on a digital media related project at a professional level. These skills can help them in almost any career goal.”

The center currently has two high-end computer labs, one Mac lab and one PC lab. Both labs are equally equipped with the same computer software. Mitchell explained that having both a Mac lab and a PC lab helps students learn to use the two major platforms for digital media creation which ultimately helps them to have more marketable skills and not be dependent on one or another system. Students also have the opportunity to check out high-end video cameras, microphones, tripods, lighting, etc. for video projects as well as receive some tips, coaching and advice on how to make a good video.

The Center for New Media, though in its infancy, is seeing some great results already with the number of classes and the number of students already doubling since its kick-off. Mitchell remarked, “We have students working on documentaries, commercials, and personal projects for their classes.” The center is making connections with people and businesses in the industry so ultimately students can be involved in real world projects and possible internships.

Amy Jorgenson (of the Art Department) is the current chair to the committee for the Center of New Media. Other members of the committee include representatives from the Communication, Music, Business, and Computer Science departments.

The center is located in the basement of the library just past the elevators. The lab has the schedule on the door for when it’s open. The Center for New Media is a great resource for students interested in taking classes having to do with digital media, who need help with video projects, or who are interested in what is offered and available at Snow College.

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