Center For Global Engagement

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Photo Courtesy of Snow College

Photo Courtesy of Snow College

The Center for Global Engagement is dedicated to helping international students succeed at Snow College.  Alex Peterson, assistant director of the center, gave a brief overview of the program.

Director Peterson mentioned some of the main reasons international students choose Snow College.  Many of their concerns are the same as students from the United States.  Low tuition costs and a well-recognized ESL (English as a Second Language) program are powerful draws for international students.  The Ephraim area is also relatively safe, local residents and students are friendly, and international students feel like they are able to get to know their teachers.

The center encourages students to get to know their international classmates and make friends.  Many international students are learning English and appreciate the opportunity to practice their speaking skills with native speakers.  The International Club also enables domestic students to interact with international students and participate in cultural exchange in a social setting.  Recent activities have included karaoke at the Solid Rock Café, sports in the Activity Center and dining out at local restaurants.  Students can find out about upcoming International Club activities at the Snow College International Club Facebook page.

The program was originally started in 1978 as the International Center, its chief purpose being to assist international students in learning English.  More recently, the name was changed to the Center for Global Engagement to better reflect their goals of promoting more global thinking, including political, cultural and religious ideas, among Snow College students and helping them understand the world around them.  Currently at least 130 international students from 29 countries attend Snow College, not including students who have immigrated to the U.S. or hold a green card.   The center assists these students with counseling and provides a main location for the International Club.

The center is also involved in sending students to study abroad.  Students interested in studying abroad at affiliated universities pay tuition at Snow College’s tuition rate, while also paying for their plane ticket, housing and living expenses in their host country.  Students receiving federal financial aid can apply for the Gilman Scholarship to help fund their semester abroad.  Information about the scholarship is found at


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