Changes Regarding the Homeless Shelters and Centers

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It was announced on February 24, that two out of the four originally planned homeless resource centers would be built in Salt Lake City.

The planning started with 20 different locations, which lead to 4 of these locations being announced on

Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Mayor of Salt Lake City, and other government officials announce changes to plans for Salt Lake County homeless shelters. Photo Courtesy of

December 13, 2014 as being highly considered. The community was allowed to give their input on these locations and were listened to by the Mayor of Salt Lake City, and other city leaders. The announcement of the two new resource centers also came with the change that there currently will only be two built instead of the four that were originally planned. The two new centers will be located at 275 W. High Ave, and 131 E. 700 South, both located in Salt Lake City.

Mayor of Salt Lake City, Jackie Biskupski said, “I want to stress that while this is a change in locations, the principles behind these resource centers remains the same.”

The other two homeless resource centers are not being forgotten. The third and fourth centers will be located in Salt Lake County, just not in Salt Lake City. The third center will be the Midvale Family Center. According to “Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams added that the county hoped to have a decision on the fourth location by March 30.”

Each of these centers will offer 200 beds. One will service single women, and the other will service single women and men. The idea wrapped around these centers is to help individuals and families and their transition from shelters to more house-based systems.

Along with this announcement, the official date of the closure of the Road Home Shelter was announced. The Road Home shelter is located in downtown Salt Lake City and has housed 1,100 beds to the homeless for many years. The closing date will be June 30, 2019.

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