Cheer Team Preps for Competition

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Cheerleaders perform a stunt for halftime football game. Photo by Lillian Wade.

Snow College Cheer has  been working hard all year.  They can be spotted tumbling  and flipping on the sidelines of  football, basketball, and volleyball games.  

The cheer team is now starting gear for their competition season that is quickly coming  up in December. It begins from December to January with the national competition in February. The cheer team is planning to participate in local competitions in the meantime as they  prepare for the national competition being held in California. 

When asked what the team  does to begin steering themselves for the competition season, newcomer Aubree Lam bert said, “We have a stunt  sequence we have to get and learn the routine.”  

Lambert goes on to say that  she is most looking forward to  “getting to travel to California  and have fun with her team.”  Snow’s cheer team is evidently  excited and eager for this upcoming season.

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