Chinese Delegation at Snow College

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cnlargeThis past week, Snow College had the privilege of hosting Chinese Delegation. Four representatives from Qingdao Technical College visited.

Chinese Delegation helps build relationships and potential exchange programs. Sam Heikinen, Director of the Center for Global Engagement, said, “The entire trip, including the meetings, transportation, etc. is being funded by the Chinese government.” The delegates get to tour the school, go to dinners and meetings, meet with different departments, tour student housing and much more.

Professor Jinling XIE, who goes by Justin, translated during an interview. He said that the group has visited colleges in New York, Virginia, Washington DC, and will be going to San Francisco after leaving Utah. The delegates were very impressed with how beautiful the campus is, the design of the campus (architecture is similar to China), and the overall atmosphere. They also commented that the faculty and staff are very kind, friendly, helpful, patient and open.

The delegates were especially impressed with how involved Snow is with global engagement and international students. Schools in China are very involved in global engagement. One of the delegates said, “The students should be very happy to study here.” She really liked the facilities provided by the college.

When asked what the similarities are between Snow and Qingdao Technical College, the delegates said it is hard to compare the two. Qingdao is a three year college. Justin said that after students graduate, about 95% go to the job market and only 5% go on to universities. It is also different because of the different cultures. In the United States, students make many of their own decisions, whereas in China, the parents tell their children what to do and what to become. Both Snow and Qingdao are funded by their governments. The delegates stressed that “We all share the same purpose,” to help students learn and grow.

Snow College truly had a great opportunity to host Chinese Delegation. Hopefully this will help strengthen relationships and open new doorways for exchange programs.


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