To Say or Not to Say…

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Tanner Wilcox is baffled after hearing something his date says. Photo by Savannah Sloan

Have you ever wondered what proper dating etiquette is? There are so many variables and factors to the creation of a good date.

The place, who you are with, and especially the topics of conversation are each important elements of a date. Good conversation is key when you are on a date. Even if you are on a date with someone who you may not be too interested in or attracted to, you can still have a lot of fun and enjoy getting acquainted.

You know those moments when you forget what you are saying, or when you don’t filter your words before you let them escape?  Moments like those can be pretty embarrassing! There are also some phrases that you definitely should not say while on a date.

From a female perspective, there are some pretty specific “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to finding the right thing to say.

A big “no, no” on a date is too much teasing. A few jokes and comments on something silly or humorous that the girl does are okay, but don’t go overboard.

Imagine your date mixing up their words on accident, or doing something super embarrassing, like tripping over her  own feet. Do not bring it up more than twice because it gets really tiring for her to hear over and over how embarrassed she should be and it makes her feel dumb.

The best solution to an embarrassing situation is to make sure they she is okay, laugh about it, and then move on.

Another thing guys definitely shouldn’t do is talk about other girls. Don’t mention past girlfriends. Also, if you are in a public place and you happen to see another cute girl, (besides the one you are on a date with) do not comment on how “hot” she is, because she is not your date. Your date should be the one you compliment.

The same goes for girls. Guys may not notice as much if you talk about other boys, but it is best if you shy away from any talk of past boyfriends or telling them how adorable another guy is to you.

If two people are on a first date, there should be no talk whatsoever of “love.” Saying “I love you” on the first date is bad for both the girl and the boy. Get at least four or five dates in before you begin truly expressing feelings of love. Also, don’t talk about kids or marriage. If you do that, when you turn your back, your date will run away scared out of their wits.

You may really, really, really like whoever you are on a date with and think he or she is your one and only true love, but the other person may not be experiencing the same feelings at all and just see you as a friend. Being overly lovey and too attentive will just scare your date away.

Remember, this is only on the first date. As time goes on and if you share mutual feelings, go ahead and share the love, tell them how you feel!

Disgusting topics such as farting, burping and other bodily functions should be avoided as well. I know, I know, it is part of life and everyone does it, but that does not mean we have to talk about it!

Most topics of conversation are quite acceptable in many situations. Basically, use your common sense and base your conversation on getting to know one another. Find your niche, be clever and use your voice!

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