Clothesline Project

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Snow College adopted the tradition of The Clothesline Project, which brings awareness to the issue of violence against men, women and children and allows them to speak up about their experiences. 

The Clothesline Project originated in 1990 by a group of women in Massachusetts after discovering that while 58,000 soldiers were killed during the Civil War, 51,000 women were killed during the same time period by abusive men. 

For this project, women who’ve suffered abuse or harm submit a color-coded t-shirt based on the type of harm they were victims of, write a message about their experience, and pin the shirts on a clothesline for all to see. 

These t-shirts are a simple way to see something that is striking and devastating and afflicts many more people than one might think. 

Snow College put this on in the Greenwood Student Center on March 5-6, and the results were incredible. Snow students were able to come forward and stand together on an issue that is unfortunately still so prevalent. As projects like The Clothesline Project continue to influence schools and organizations across the country, hopefully the amount of t-shirts on display will become fewer and fewer. 

Emma Parnell grew up across the United States, and now resides in North Carolina when she is not at Snow College. She is currently working towards her Associates of Science, and is a member of the Honors Program at Snow College. Emma loves writing, reading, and baking, and in her off time is an avid Netflix enthusiast and tea drinker.

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