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McCall Voigt and Shalyn Mederiros, Snowdrift Club members, take photos of Snow College President.  Snowdrift courtesy photo.

McCall Voigt and Shalyn Mederiros, Snowdrift Club members, take photos of Snow College President. Snowdrift courtesy photo.

With the start of the new academic year, the Snowdrift Club is recruiting student writers and
photographers to join its ranks. The Snowdrift is the student-produced newspaper on campus.
Anyone is welcome to join and take part in club activities.
The Snowdrift Club has a lot of fun throughout the year; last year, they were part of a local
parade, and there were always treats in the Snowdrift Lab.
Students also get a chance to learn about how news is created and presented, and help keep their
fellow students up-to-date with the most current events and campus news in enjoyable articles
and fun images, both on paper and online at
“I think the Snowdrift is really well put together,” said sophomore Kayla Hatch. “I enjoy reading
Many students enroll in classes such as Newspaper Production, Media Writing, and
Photojournalism and earn credit while in the club.
The articles and photos these students produce are often based on ideas Snow College students
send to Students are also invited to follow the Snowdrift on Twitter and
Facebook to keep up with campus activities and current events. Comment [SC1]: Nice job. It looks good.
You only have one interview and we talked
about having at least two. Also look for
transitions that help the article flow

Adria Riley was born on July 11, 1995 and is from Syracuse, which is between Salt Lake and Ogden. She is a freshman here at Snow College and is planning on majoring in English. She isn’t sure if she wants to go into philosophies, journalism or English education. She decided to come to Snow College because she wanted to get out of her house out on her own, it’s cheap, she loves the atmosphere and because of it’s small size. Adria’s favorite color is black because it goes with everything. It creates contrast with brighter colors. In her spare time she likes to read, write, play the viola, sew and party. She enjoys hiking but does not like other physical activity. If Adria could go anywhere in the world she would want to visit all the temples, go to New Zealand to see the Lord of the Rings sites and she would also like to visit the sites where the Avengers movie was filmed. Her favorite quote is “Lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own. Something unique about her is she is a quarter Nicaraguan.

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