Club Rush

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Students gather together to sign up for clubs. Photo by Ileana Brown

Students gather together to sign up for clubs.
Photo by Ileana Brown

Club rush is on January 13 this semester and is going to be a day you don’t want to miss. For those of you that don’t know, club rush is an event that Snow College puts on where all of the clubs show up to present you what they do and represent. They also give you the opportunity to join. From free food, to meeting new people, club rush is an event you will definitely attend.

Sophomore at Snow College Brayden Ames claims he is excited for club rush exclaiming “Who wouldn’t be excited to go and meet a bunch of people who want you in their lives?” says Ames.

One of the biggest perks of joining a club is meeting new people and becoming involved at Snow College. By joining a Club there are possibilities of earning a scholarship, becoming a leader and potential door openings in the future. Snow College has all sorts of clubs to offer such as: western swing, snowdrift newspaper, ag club, ballroom dancing, business club, international club, service club, hip hop krew and many more.

Sierra Monroe, a freshman here at Snow says that club rush is really cool stating “There was so many clubs to choose from. I recommend signing up for a couple of different clubs and getting involved.”

Make sure you come check it out and join a club. After all, what do you have to lose?

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