Co-Ed Intramurals Comes to a Close

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February 10 is the end to the co-ed intramural basketball season as it all ends in a championship tournament. For the past few weeks, teams have been participating in games as part of a regular season basketball schedule. These games, which consist of two twenty minute halves, have been played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 7p.m. and 10 p.m.

Men’s and women’s Intramural basketball has been happening as well, but co-ed has “a little different feel to it,” said Tanner Lewis, a member of the Underdogs team. Co-ed games have a few different rules because there are both guys and girls on the court at the same time. Some rules include the following: at least two girls on the court at all times, guys cannot guard girls, girls get an extra point for every shot they make, and the ball must touch a girl before a guy can score on offense. Also, co-ed play uses a women’s sized basketball for games.
There are six co-ed teams that have been participating in league play, and will be participating in the tournament this week. Games are Tuesday- Thursday, at 8p.m. The tournament is double elimination with a winner and loser bracket. New players are not allowed to play for a co-ed team for the tournament unless their names have already been on the roster during the regular season. Come and support your friends as they go for gold in the co-ed intramural basketball tournament this week and next!


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